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Your path to better Mental Health

The Elders

Keys to Serenity

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Diary Entries

As a Serenity user, you’ll be able to write a diary page about your past experience which you believe is worth sharing and can help others in the same situation.

It can be as short or as long as you need to tell the story. You can decide if you want to stay anonymous or to sign the message with your NFT ID.

All diary pages will be vetted, categorized and published in Serenity library. Other users will be able to find and read diary entries that may help them with the troubles in their life.

Radio Broadcast

If you have something to broadcast to the whole of humanity, leave a radio message.

It will remain in our library till the end of time, and also broadcasted via our twitter profile. You can decide if you want to stay anonymous or not. Radio messages should be short yet effective for the greater impact.

Message in the Bottle

Any Serenity user can write a message in the bottle and let it freely flow in the Northern sea. Another random user will be able to find that bottle, open it, and read the message in it.

Similar to diary pages, these can be signed by your NFT ID, or remain anonymous.

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