Royalties Explained

Let’s talk about royalties!

Many NFT projects offer secondary market royalties to holders.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic and explain:

  • What Mamanime offers to holders
  • How royalties are split
  • More importantly – why!

Who gets what?

When Mamanime hits secondary markets, each sale with be taxed with 10%. Once marketplace takes its cut, remaining royalties will be split in 3 parts:

  • 50% will go to Mamanime holders
  • 25% will go to Mamanime treasury
  • 25% will go to the project team

Here is why we decided to do that.


50% to Mamanime holders

Simply put: “To help others, you need to be strong yourself“!

Our holders are key part of the project, and determining factor of our success. It should incentivize people to HODL or list high, which will in turn fill the treasury nicely.


25% to Mamanime treasury

Each solstice & equinox (after we mint out) we’ll distribute 50% of staked Treasury funds to help NGOs/charities in the field of Mental Health.

In order to preserve the value and the power-of-change this payout can make, we need to keep adding up. Based on some initial calculations, 25% royalties and DEFI staking rewards should enable us to keep same-or-higher value of the payout 4 times a year.



25% to Project Team

In order to incentivize holders to HOLD or list high (which is crucial for our success) Mamanime needs to keep BUIDL going on, to surprise and innovate. We need to deserve the trust, not take it for granted. That’s why we take the cut – to keep the project rolling. We’ll never blame our holders for listing low – we’ll blame ourselves.

There you go, a brief explanation of our royalty rewards and reasons behind this split. If you agree, join our TG group soon and catch some early benefits (TBA soon)!