Chapter V


Blankenberge was closer with every footstep. As she was approaching, she noticed remains of the barricades and something resembling the torn gate. She could either walk through the gate, or walk around the improvised walls and try to find another way in. As she stopped to think for a second, few drops of blood appeared in front of her. She looked up and saw her Guardian Spirit smiling toward her.

– No need to gamble with your destiny, with what you have in your backpack – the Guardian said. – Fire up the lantern, and the path will be clear.

She did exactly that. The moment the lantern was lit, the whole world went dark in Sophia’s eyes. The only thing she could see is a stroke of thin light expanding from the lantern towards the edge of the wall – the open gate could not be seen.

There was a moment of complete silence in her mind. Her eyes were full of tears. The only thing she felt, except for the fear of unknown were few drops of blood dripping on her shoulder from the Guardian above.

– Good – the Guardian said, – Now simply turn the lantern off.

As she did just that, the world became vivid with colors again.

– Now you know which path to take, without taking any chances, girl. – said the Guardian. – What you’ve found is Otsuyu’s lantern. It will show you the right way for you every time you use it. After a couple hundreds of meters they’ve found the hole in the wall and entered the city. Blankenberge welcomed her with open arms.

The night air was filled with a strange stillness, and Sophia could feel the tension growing in the darkness. The only sound she could hear was the relentless ticking of her footsteps against the pavement. Every so often, Sophia would catch glimpses of strange shadows lurking in the darkness, and she could feel her heart racing with fear. Her Guardian Spirit was always by her side though, and she drew strength from its presence.

The further she ventured, the more she started to feel a strange pull in her heart. She knew that something was waiting for her in this forsaken place, and she followed the sensation. She soon came across an old abandoned lighthouse, and as she drew closer, she could see that it was in desperate need of repair.

The door creaked open as Sophia stepped inside, and she was immediately captivated by the beauty of the lighthouse. Despite the fact that it had been abandoned for many years, the inside was still in almost pristine condition.

Sophia explored the inside of the lighthouse with awe. She found an old radio, and when she turned it on, she heard a faint voice coming from the speakers. It was someone sending something resembling S.O.S. signal, desperately hoping that it would reach someone who could hear it.

In one of the rooms, Sophia discovered an old library filled with books and scrolls. She was amazed to find that most books were all still in good condition, and she spent hours pouring over the texts, trying to figure out who collected all these books – and why. As Sophia continued to explore the lighthouse, she noticed something strange. Everywhere she went, she felt a calming presence of her own Guardian Spirit. She knew that she was meant to be here, and she felt a deep connection to this place.

– Well – Sophia said – we can kind of call this place a home!

As Sophia made her way up the dangerous stairs to the top of the lighthouse, she was amazed by the beautiful view that awaited her. City remains were laid out before her, and the stars above sparkled like a million diamonds in the night sky. She felt as if she had come to a place of peace and tranquility, and for a moment, all her fears and worries melted away. She knew that she had found her home for the time being.


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