Art explained – Stitches!

Let’s talk about stitches

To become Mamanime, spirit needs to visit Aokigahara, the infamous Japanese forest and spend the night there. It is an unnerving experince, even for the strongest.

With the wake of the dawn, their being is sawn with the thread of lost souls wandering through the forest.

It is what it is – a thin, colorful thread that wears out with age, like any other stitch. Even though it gets lost, what it keeps within Mamanime is what’s important.

That’s why you can estimate her age immediately upon sight, even in dreams. The more visible thread – the younger it is. And if you see no stitches, you just met Mamanime so old you can safely say it is eternal.

Legendaries are exception from this rule, as their state is frozen. They know nothing about the passing of time, as they are everywhere at once, and they see all there is.


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