Mint plan & Giveaways

Our minting process and community wallet functioning

One of our core commitments states – “We are here to stay. We build for the future.

In order to accomplish this, we need to build a strong project foundation first – supportive initial holder base.

People that join us early won’t come in for quick money, but rather because they understand the project, our core mechanics, and of course – enjoy the art & the story we’re telling.

In order to find these people – and enable them to find uswe won’t use influencers, crazy shills nor classic giveaways to attract more people in the group.

Our approach will be based on:

  • Telling our story
  • Helping people understand what we’re building
  • Teasing details of what is coming up
  • Rewarding early TG users with targeted giveaways

In short, we want our TG group to be project focused, full of people that understand the project and believe in it.

We don’t care if there are 50 or 5,000 people in it – as long as all of us are on the same page and we know why we’re here.

Here is how minting support is envisioned:

The fraction (20%) of each Mamanime mint will end up in community wallet. You will be able to monitor these funds through our website.


There are 6 milestones we are targeting for major giveaways:


For example, at 10% mark we will have more than 12BNBs available to reward our holders. Current plan involves giving away 50% of funds back, which means 6BNB (probably 10 rewards – top prize 3BNB, 3x 0.5BNB and 10 x 0.15BNB), while the rest would stay in community wallet.

Beside these major milestones, we’ll be there to support mint process with various smaller giveaways – but all rewards will be targeted to minters & holders only, and not to “Like+RT+Tag friends” way.

With 0.13BNB mint price, we’ll be able to gather 128BNB in community wallet. The more community is engaged in the process spreading the word organically, the less we’ll need to spend on interim giveaways to push the mint forward.

If we manage to spend just 50% till the end of the mint, this means that 60+ BNB will be given back to holders once the mint phase is completed!

We’ll use team wallet for further project BUIDL (growth and development) moving forward. Once secondary collection comes in place, we’ll use the exact same mechanism again – supporting mint process and rewarding our holders.

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