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Sophia’s Story

Himari had always been drawn to Aokigahara, a place of immense beauty and peacefulness.

One day, while deep in thought in the forest, she heard a faint whisper in the wind that seemed to be calling to her. She envisioned a place far away on the other side of the world. There she was – a young girl named Sophia opening the box, unaware of immense powers it contained.

Himari knew she was meant to help her, and felt a surge of determination as she set off on her quest to meet the girl.

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Mamanime goal is to raise awareness and support in-real-life charities and non-governmental organizations (NGO) focused on improving global Mental Health. A fraction of all project earnings will be given away to charities according to community vote 4 times a year – on each solstice and equinox.

Project funds management will be transparent and closely monitored by our community. We are here to create a perpetual mechanism in support of Mental Health worldwide.

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Free mint for OG holders ID 1-91 and top holders

Everyone that invested early and recognized future value will get rewarded. Collection will be called The Elders and will have 333 items, out of which:

  • 273 Reserved for IDs 1-91
    (3 per Guardian Spirit)
  • 40 Reserved for Top 20 holders (2 per wallet)
  • 20 Will be minted by project wallet for future rewards and giveaways
  • All unclaimed Elders during free mint phase will be offered on the market


Full release of Serenity platform

  • Radio messages
  • Messages in the bottle
  • Diary entries


At least 3 more chapters of Sophia’s story

Sophia’s story will grow and develop along with other collections and Serenity features! We expect at least 3 new chapters.

Main utility of THE ELDERS

  • Profit share from all earnings of Serenity platform
  • Allowlists/Airdrops for all future collections
  • Lifetime access to Serenity platform
  • Participation in Serenity DAO
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Main collection related to Sophia's journey


Further progress on Sophia's story


Collabs with mental health projects & institutions

Q3 & Q4


Access to Serenity for other NFT collections

As soon as we’re ready, we’ll invite partner BNB Chain collections to access Serenity platform with their own tokens and participate in all activities as equals.

This will make Serenity a unique spot in Web3 space focused on Mental Health.


Web2 subscription model for Serenity access

Once we expand Serenity across BNB Chain, we’ll offer a Web2 type monthly subscription model to the platform. To access Serenity, users will pay a monthly fee in USD.

Revenue gained this way will be converted to BNB and distributed to The Elders & Guardian Spirits holders.

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